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International Trade & Investment Protection Law

Cross-border business is governed by multiple legal requirements. Some of these can be addressed by the contractual terms and conditions that the parties agree on, but other issues are governed by compulsory local, EU or international Treaty law that must be complied with by the parties and all other players in the market in order to safeguard the level playing field.


The globalization of the economy and the increase in international trade, investments and business transactions of all sorts, make that even small or medium sized enterprises that (used to) focus their business locally, must deal with the new and sometimes disruptive challenges created by foreign players entering into their product or services market. The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that is currently negotiated between the EU and the US, is likely to expose to increased competition many enterprises that have to date been sheltered by regulatory hindrances and to offer new opportunities to enterprises that dare to explore the trans-Atlantic market.


These developments make that international trade treaties must be considered when planning for, or defending against, entry into a product or services market. With our network of experienced lawyers and based on the long experience of our senior lawyers, whether in trans-Atlantic business or as general counsel for global enterprises, we will deal with these multiple issues through a business lens and we can guide our clients in a cost effective way through these layers of regulation.


We also regularly advise on conflicts-of-law of venue issues that arise in relation with cross-border business, litigation and arbitration.